China and the US have held comprehensive discussions on climate change. This has been a great initiative in dealing with global warming and enhancing US-China relations. But Xie Zhenhua,

Beijing’s chief climate negotiator indicates that the negotiation process will be reversed during Trump’s administration. There have been tensions between the two nations for weeks regarding climate. The US elects a president who has dismissed the issue of climate change by calling it a Chinese hoax. This climate skepticism is expected to start when the new president is sworn in on Friday. Climate campaigners and scientists have also raised the alarm about how Trump’s cabinet is negligent of global warming. The efforts to fight climate change among big nations are expected to be impaired. But Xie believes that the clean energy movement has taken enough momentum which makes it hard for one leader to stop it. Trump will have to deal with the reality that these global policies will happen even without US input.


China has confirmed that Beijing is fully committed to fighting climate change. They are ready to take up the leadership of dealing with this global problem. On the other hand, the US president-elect has not reinstated the US position in dealing with irreversible global warming. In any case, he believes it’s a trick by the Chinese to run the manufacturing industry without competition. However, just after his victory, Trump held an interview with the New York Times where he agreed that global warming is connected to human activity. Xie Zhenhua who has been in China’s department of the environment for over a decade has been very vocal. He indicated that China is pushing the agenda every day. Other countries are also expected to join in and lead this climate movement.

Massive Force

Apparently, the push for a low-carbon future has gained a global momentum that no single party can bring to a stop. Industrial upgrades for sustainable growth are now a global trend. These industrial initiatives have already started taking shape in various parts of the globe. It will be hard for a single political leader to reverse the whole movement. According to Xie, the international community and US citizens will force Donald Trump to continue with the clean energy initiative. This Teen Fidelity discount movement is feared to slow down after witnessing tension between Trump’s team and Beijing. Environmental issues affect all nations even the US. The voice of the people will still send Trump’s administration to work.


These climate change negotiations have brought the US and China together during Obama’s administration. Obama and Xi Jinping, president of China decided to ratify the Paris climate accord. Earlier, they had both revealed one of the greatest negotiations between the two nations regarding climate change. This was a very historic collaboration that happened under Obama’s administration. China declared recapping its greenhouse gas emissions. This offered great hope to the world. The globe has witnessed many effects of climate change. It was about time the planet started healing. The outgoing US president indicated these FTV Milfs discounts negotiations were also a great milestone in US-China relations.


Xie believes that it’s hard for Trump’s administration to deter the process of dealing with an urgent global challenge. Frictions between the world’s top emitters may increase skepticism. But they will hardly deter the global movement of dealing with climate change. Xie is expected to address this matter during the World Economic Forum. Most parties including environmentalists and foreign policy parties expect Xie to reinstate China’s position in fighting climate change.


China is tipped to be the global leader in dealing with global warming. As one of the largest nations with emissions, their responsible behavior will be a good example to all nations. The process may slow down when the US withdraws but this movement will pick up the pace with time. Shirk, the chair of the 21st century China Center at the University of California said that China stepping forward to take the wheel will be a delight. She however indicated that it will be hard for China to effect these policies by themselves. Hopefully, Trump’s administration won’t pull in the opposite direction.


There have been climatic negotiations between the US and China but Trump’s administration poses a threat. The US president-elect has not said anything that shows the US will be on board come Friday.

China has confirmed its support for clean energy policies. Scientists and policymakers have expressed their concerns. But Xie believes the climate change movement has gained a lot of momentum. Retractions by the US will slow down the process but the international community will ensure these climate change policies are implemented.